Users on social networks have complained about some Uber drivers, which DiDi took advantage of to promote travel coupons on its platform.

In some way, what the DiDi Community Manager has done can be translated into a good social media strategy, since it has taken advantage of complaints towards its competition to promote its services directly.

According to what the user @ComensalEnDF reports, one of the Uber drivers accepted a trip and after two minutes he canceled it, stating that, over half an hour, drivers of the app accepted and canceled his request.

This is one of the most common practices in Uber and, in turn, one of the main complaints from users of the platform, which is why some have moved to other services.

Once the netizen’s complaint was published, one of the comments he received mentioned Good that they exist @DiDi_Mexico and @TheBEAT_MX, post that served so that the CM of DiDi decided to offer a couple of coupons for said users in order to move to its platform.

Uber and DiDi are currently the two most used platforms in terms of private taxi applications, although Uber is the one with the most subscribers today.

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This, in principle, speaks of good social media management and a good strategy that, without a doubt, can benefit DiDi by helping it add more subscribers.

On the other hand, it also highlights the lack of response from Uber to the complaints of some of its subscribers, since, as we mentioned, it is one of the most recurrent among users and, apparently, so far it has not spoken about.

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