Didi goes into crisis by mistake she never made; this is how CM defends its brand

Didi goes into crisis by mistake she never made;  this is how CM defends its brand

The image crisis that is presenting Rappi with Chumel towers is affecting Didi, but the brand’s community manager has taken action to disentangle himself from the problem.

Digital platforms such as social networks are of vital importance for any company today due to the high flow of traffic they generate; according to the study of Digital 2021Currently, approximately 53 percent of the world’s population is already in these spaces, so brands must show their effective presence and those in charge of representing these are the community managers.

Have a good community manager It is of vital importance, since these are the first face and interaction that users have with brands in the digital world, so a mistake could lead to catastrophic repercussions on their image.

To avoid this, Sprout Social Index shows some actions that are of vital importance in terms of impact on the user, both positive and negative, among them, those that generate the best results are the use of videos, answering questions, intervening in conversations, talking about specific events and the making of gifs; On the other hand, the ones that tend to have a negative impact is laughing at your competition, using “street” language, commenting on political issues and laughing at your clients.

Similarly, the presence of these professionals can help to treat or avoid possible brand crisis, as well as defending it from some problems that users could expose to these.

Recently Rappi was seen in image problems by Internet users when making an influencer marketing strategy with Chumel towers, who users call classist, among other types of unfavorable comments.

Despite this, this event has managed to affect and bring into Didi image crisis, which points out to be an error on the part of users who have confused the orange color between said brands, since they accuse the transport application of having made a campaign with Chumel Torres from “The Pulse of the Republic”, action that they have not carried out.

Users expose endless negative comments towards the company, which so far has not made any kind of collaboration with the influencer, made by which the community manager of Didi has shown presence and is defending your brand after these accusations.

In this case about the Didi’s image crisis due to an advertisement he did not make with Chumel Torres, the community manager is defending the brand and those users to whom he responds seem to accept this situation and even apologize, so in this situation the presence of the professional is shown as positive, demonstrating the importance of his position to reduce the impact generated.

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As we mentioned before, the community manager have become an indispensable part of companies, since they represent the first interaction of users with brands in the digital world; However, their presence not only helps to create a community in social networks, but these can help cash crisis management and reduce the negative impact of brands on consumer perception.

An example of this we had last week when a user reported “harassment” by Sky, but the community manager showed that it was actually an error on the part of the consumer, again enhancing the image of the brand before users. The use of social networks can help brands to disprove erroneous accusations by users, thus regaining consumer confidence (if they use words appropriately).

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