One of the most powerful beings in The House of Ideas would have arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without many noticing, Immortal Hulk

Throughout the 13 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe we have discovered all kinds of heroes and villains, but there was no record of immortal beings until barely. In all this time we had in front of the Hulk, who seems to be resisting Bruce Banner’s attempts to end his life. Is the Immortal Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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We go in parts. Since his debut in 2008, the Hulk has shown himself as the mighty Jade Giant whose wrath provides him with infinite strength, which was key in uniting the Avengers in 2012 and 2015.

At that time Bruce Banner was struggling to find a cure for the gamma radiation that transforms him into the Hulk. But there were moments when the scientist felt defeated and chose the easy way out, but his attempts to end his life were thwarted by the Hulk himself.

The first attempt to end his life occurred in 2008, in a deleted scene, where Bruce Banner arrives in the Antarctic to commit suicide, but in an episode of rage he became the Hulk and did not achieve his mission.

As he explained in the first Avengers movie, Bruce Banner felt annoyed by the situation due to his monster status, so he tried to kill himself with a bullet in the mouth, but the Hulk again avoided the fatal outcome by spitting out the bullet.

Theories that point to Immortal Hulk in the MCU

The third time the Hulk saved Banner from dying was in Thor: Ragnarok, when Banner jumps from the Gransmaster’s ship to the Asgard Bridge, where he is seriously injured, but the Hulk surfaces to defeat Fenris the wolf. Asgardian under Hela’s orders.

These frustrated attempts to end his life have led the Emerald Giant to earn the nickname Immortal Hulk, but these returns of the green Goliath from beyond could give rise to the appearance of one of his most dangerous personalities, the Devil Hulk.

Did Immortal Hulk make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Marvel comics

In the comics Devil Hulk first appeared in Paul Jenkins, Ron Garney, and Sal Buscema’s The Incredible Hulk # 13 in 2000, and was one of countless different personalities within Bruce Banner’s fractured mind.

The appearance of this colossus is that of a yellow Hulk with reptilian skin and immensely smiling jaws. This demonic appearance and name matches the inner hatred and dark desires that Banner had always had towards humanity.

Did Immortal Hulk make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Marvel studios

Hulk’s next appearance in the MCU will be in a special cameo within the She-Hulk series, which will premiere on digital platforms in 2022, with which this new variant of Bruce Banner could be presented as a threat to La House of Ideas.

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Sources: Marvel / CBR

The Emerald Giant declares war on the Marvel Universe.

They were his friends. They betrayed him. They shot him into space and steered him toward tragedy. He has fought, bled and conquered. He has loved and lost.

Now with only terrible revenge left, the Hulk heads to Earth accompanied by his loyal allies, the Warbound, to unleash his fury on Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt. He will crush them along with anyone who stands in his way.

Marvel Major Events - World War Hulk
Marvel comics

SMASH and Marvel Comics Mexico bring you World War Hulk, an event authored by Greg Pak, with the art of John Romita Jr. that you cannot miss.

Did Immortal Hulk make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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