DICE will no longer work on Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone

DICE will no longer work on Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone

In November of last year we saw the launch of Battlefield 2042, the most recent installment in the series that promised a lot with its 3 main game modes: All Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal. However, today DICE announced that they will not develop new content for Hazard Zone.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 will finally arrive next month, half a year after its launch, and for this reason DICE published a development diary through the official Battlefield account. In this, they confirmed that they will continue to support Hazard Zone by fixing critical bugs and strange behavior, but will not release new content for this game mode.

According to the post on EA’s page, the team had very high ambitions for Hazard Zone, but they are the first to admit that they didn’t find the home they hoped for in Battlefield 2042, so they would benefit greatly from focusing their attention on game modes. game preferred by the community.

For this reason, it is confirmed that the new maps coming to Battlefield 2042 in the following seasons will not be available in Hazard Zone mode. Elsewhere, the post gave examples of how DICE is tweaking map design to improve the experience.

Battlefield 2042 went from being one of the most anticipated games of last year to one of the biggest disappointments, but since then DICE and Electronic Arts have done their best to improve the game experience in hopes of ending up offering a good experience. One of the last decisions was to reduce the number of players from 128 to 64, as in previous installments.

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