DICE removes Rush mode from Battlefield 2042 playlists

DICE removes Rush mode from Battlefield 2042 playlists

Since its launch Battlefield 2042 It has been a controversial game, because in addition to having the bugs that we would expect in the launch of a game of HE SAYS, had changes in its design philosophy that upset some veterans of the franchise. Although Battlefield 2042 has improved its status over time since its launch, the community remains unhappy with the poor communication from DICE.

The present day Rush mode has been removed from the list of featured modes on the Battlefield Portal, so the game mode can only be accessed from custom servers. However, progress and experience is disabled in custom modes, so the community is unhappy with this decision.

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The Rush and Conquest game modes were the mainstays of Battlefield, but for some reason Rush has taken a backseat in Battlefield 2042. Although the Featured section in Battlefield Portal is intended to keep rotating, players They expected Asalto to stick around permanently, given its historical importance in the franchise.

Meanwhile, EA’s Director of Integrated Communications for Shooters, Andy McNamara, said that the demands of the community are brutal, saying that “the things they want take time.” However, shortly thereafter Andy deleted his post, saying his message had not been clear and apologizing for it.

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Despite the efforts of HE SAYS to improve Battlefield 2042, the differences in its gameplay such as the new operator system and the abandonment of the Assault mode has made players return to Battlefield v. Within a month of its release, Battlefield V surpassed Battlefield 2042 in its number of concurrent players.

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