Devolver Digital could launch new Serious Sam game

Devolver Digital could launch new Serious Sam game

We think you’ve heard of Serious Sam, but in case it has not been like that, it is a franchise known for its unbridled action and metal soundtracks, it has four installments, although the most recent one, failed to meet all expectations.

But that does not discourage its fans, who are already eager to find out what is to come in the future, and luckily, everything seems to indicate that a new game is on the way and will debut very soon.

It was in the first days of December 2021, that Return Digital published in Youtube Y twitter what seemed to be a teaser for a new project in the series, as this week he posted the same video on social networks again, but this time he accompanied it with the following message: “What if a new Serious Sam game was announced next week and released this month?”

It seems pretty clear that said post seems to hint at the release of a new installment sometime in January, although there is unfortunately no more information about it, but with those words, it managed to get fans to already express their excitement, so it was probably to see if your audience is waiting for the next release.

What, if we could know, is that based on what the portal says DSOGaming, it is possible that this new project is a minor title of the franchise and not the next major main installment, that is, a hypothetical Serious Sam 5.

So it is better not to make so many expectations, because everything seems to indicate that we will not have to wait long to discover the first details of the mysterious project.

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In 2020, Return Digital acquired Corteam, studio responsible for the franchise, as well as along with the announcement of the purchase, the distributor confirmed that more games of Serious Sam, so the title potentially to be announced next week could be one of them.