In the middle of 2021, the customization of our technology had suffered a little stagnation, since the fact of being able to choose a design has always been limited to the stock of a certain model of casing or color that had to be chosen yes or yes. It was needed a new business model that will increase the profitability of companies, while allowing users to satisfy their demand for customization on demand like never before.

Now it is the customer who decides the design of his mobile

And there where Devia has once again proven to be at the forefront of technology personalization and protection. First it was with his cutting plotter, which has enabled hundreds of businesses to instantly have thousands of references on screen protection. This has been thanks to the different Plotters that Devia has put on the market and that allows a hydrogel protector to be available in a matter of seconds, no matter with which mobile the customer approaches the store. Has the iPhone 13 just come out? The store that has the Devia plotter will have a screen protector. Will the new Xiaomi Mi 12 be presented? Sooner or later, but as soon as it does, the stores will be able to instantly have that protector thanks to the cutting of hydrogel sheets that is carried out from an easy-to-use app.

In the same way and as a complement to the much-needed screen protection, Devia is the first company in Spain to introduce on-demand personalization of smartphones and their housings. The company has already introduced design and license vinyls so that users have this option in many accessory stores and large shopping centers, but the twist comes with the possibility that the user is the one who chooses with what design they want. Store out. We are facing the total combination of mobile personalization with the cutting plotter as the protagonist, and a printer that shapes the design that the user wishes to carry on their mobile.

Vinyl is a high quality adhesive sheet that can be pasted on the smartphone as if it were a sticker and that is cut to the exact shape of the model to cover the entire surface, being elastic and very versatile. In this way, different textures, colors and finishes can be achieved, thus allowing it to be coupled to what the client wants. Also, when removed (for exchange or possible sale to third parties) it will not leave residue or damage the device.

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Therefore, it will be very common from now on that many businesses that have the support of Devia, can offer your customers a plus of personalization that will allow their pets, family, favorite music group or photo made by themselves decorated their mobile in a spectacular way. Furthermore, the implantation of the vinyl can be carried out on the device itself or on its silicone sleeve. Another of its great advantages is that the user will not have to throw away their old transparent and yellowish silicone case, spending money on a new one, since they can always personalize it with a Devia vinyl and the design they prefer.

Devia custom vinyl mobile

How does the Devia personalization system work?

To carry out the process, several elements come into play. In the first place, the design that the user wants to put on his mobile and that can be shared in seconds by Bluetooth, WhatsApp, mail or any other transmission system with the store that is going to perform the customization. Once on the mobile, the application of Devia, which allows the design to be adjusted precisely and choose the mobile model that the customer has on more than 10,000 devices of all makes and models.

Once ready, the printer will be in charge of translate the design onto vinyl, a process that takes a few seconds. Subsequently, the personalized vinyl will go through the Devia plotter that will cut it adjusting the design to the millimeter and taking into account the design such as cameras, fingerprint sensor etc … Once done, the user will be able to leave the store with their personalized mobile on demand like never before.

vinyl customization app

Its implementation in stores

Devia has already started the implantation of its new personalization system in hundreds of stores including large stores, franchises specialized in mobile accessories as well as in medium and small stores. At this moment Devia offers three options for you to interested businesses can start providing this service to their customers and what are available on their official website.

  • 12 ”Plotter + Welcome Pack and gift printer: 1 x Pack of 50 HD Sheets + 2 x Pack of 20 Customizations + APP for € 499.99
  • Plotter 15 ”+ Welcome Pack and printer as a gift: 1 x Pack of 50 HD Sheets + 2 x Pack of 20 Customizations + APP for 599.99 euros
  • 5 x Pack of 50 HD Sheets + 2 x Pack of 20 Customizations + APP and printer as a gift: € 499.99

Therefore, if you are looking for energize, renew and increase the profitability of your business, the innovation in the world of mobile personalization that Devia offers is the option you have been waiting for.

devia pack