dessert recipe to remember and repeat a thousand times

dessert recipe to remember and repeat a thousand times

A season ago I told you about a book by Nigella Lawson, with some simple but at the same time very successful recipes, because so far everything I have put into practice has been a success. So the other day, thinking of something fresh and easy to do after a celebratory meal, I came across this forgotten dessert, which with its curious name caught my attention. But of course It will not be a dessert to forget, but rather the opposite, I think it will be remembered with great pleasure by your guests.

The truth is that simpler impossibleIn these busy days in the kitchen I find it difficult to prepare a more elaborate cake. So this kind of Pavlova, the name given to these meringues cooked at a low temperature, was the ideal thing to avoid having to be preparing creams, cake bases or syrups, which in another way I think can even be heavy after a copious meal.

Preheat the oven to 250ºC. In the bowl of a blender or with a few rods, whip the whites until stiff with a pinch of salt until they form peaks. Gradually add the 250 g of sugar and vanilla until the whites form a dense and shiny meringue.

Grease a baking sheet or tray as for a gypsy arm and spread the meringue leaving it as level as possible. Put it in the oven and turn it off immediately and leave it inside all nightwithout opening the door or even thinking to glance at it. The next morning, transfer it to a large bowl.

Beat the cream with the five tablespoons of sugar and the cream cheese until it thickens. Spread over the meringue. Wash and dry the fruits well, put them in a bowl with the two tablespoons of jam and stir well so that they are impregnated. At the time of serving, put the fruits on top of the cream and cut into individual square portions.

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With what to accompany the forgotten dessert

This forgotten dessert is very smooth and perfect after a hearty meal. It also meets the requirement of liking fruit friends as well as those with a sweet tooth, since its sweet touch of meringue gives the sensation of biting into a cloud and contrasts with the acid of the fruits of the forest added.

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