Attack on Titan has been a resounding success since its first chapter and its popularity has grown so much in recent times that it has achieved get an adaptation live action big screen.

Thanks to this, right now it has millions of fans around the world and maintains a fairly strong community, which are capable of recreating their main characters through designs, drawings, renders, crossovers and super realistic illustrations of characters like Mikasa.

According to everything that is happening with this anime, some fans seek to stand out and illustrate in the best way and as a sample we present this version of the Commander Erwin accompanied by surprising realism.

This is what Erwin from Attack on Titan would look like as a professional model

The digital artist nurumayu35, published on his profile DeviantArt a illustration of one of the commanders of the Scouting Corps from Attack on Titan known as Erwin.

As you will see, the illustration connotes a super realistic style And the position is similar to that taken by professional models when taking a picture.

Erwin being a clothing model
Can you imagine the character Erwin from Attack on Titan being a Top Model? DeviantArt

The character does not present his characteristic military attire, instead we see a Erwin in civilian clothes, white long-sleeved shirt and among the features of the face stand out his predominantly blue eyes, blonde hair and well-groomed bangs.

His physical complexion is consistent with the original character, as is the height and thinness. And you, what do you think of this model?

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