Home Business Marketing Derbez and Omar Chaparro turn to Will Smith in film promotion

Derbez and Omar Chaparro turn to Will Smith in film promotion

Derbez and Omar Chaparro turn to Will Smith in film promotion

During the promotion of his new movie And how is he? Eugenio Derbez and Omar Chaparro remembered Will Smith and his already iconic slap to Chris Rock.

The last few weeks have been full of controversies for the Televisa actor, after the #SélvameDelTren campaign was announced with which the authorities were invited to rethink the construction of the Mayan Train, one of the largest projects of the administration headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

In fact, Derbez has been one of the most singled out by the Mexican president and, for this reason, has started a dispute between the two that continues to escalate day by day, to the point that the President of the Republic has described him as a “pseudo-environmentalist.” ” to the protagonist of “La Familia P. Luche” and this, in turn, has called the head of the Federal Executive “pseudo-president”.

On the other hand, the weekend before last, the name of Eugenio Derbez slipped into social networks after it was made known, in the 94th Academy Awards ceremonythe statuette won by Coda, the film in which the Mexican comedian participated.

Now, we are also talking about the Oscar Awards that have been remembered for the uncomfortable moment in which Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after the latter made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s illnesswife of Hitch’s protagonist.

To this day, despite the fact that several days have passed since that moment, social networks have not stopped talking about it, creating all kinds of memes and content that, without a doubt, have exceeded the event’s own borders.

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Derbez and Omar Chaparro promote film

This day, during the presentation of the film And how is he? Eugenio Derbez and Omar Chaparro recalled the case of Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rocka fact that became one of the best strategies to promote the film.

A video circulates on social networks in which Derbez and Omar Chaparro parody the uncomfortable moment of the most recent Oscar Awards.

When it comes to strategies, situations like what happened at the Oscars are a perfect hook to connect with the audience, especially when it comes to a case that continues to go viral and has been talked about from different perspectives.

Proof of this was experienced in the last installment of the Grammywhere, in the same way, reference was made to what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Trevor Noah, who was in charge of being the presenter of the evening, mentioned in a somewhat subtle way the controversy of the 94th Academy Awards. The host mentioned “we are going to keep people’s names out of our mouths”, in clear reference to the claim that Will Smith made to Chris Rock after the slap.

Without a doubt, the slap that was given to Chris Rock will continue to be a topic for the rest of the year and, in short, we will be talking about it when the end of the year approaches.

Let us also remember that this event also gave rise to brands such as Piñatería Ramírez and Milonga Customs will create their own products based on Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock.

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