With 274 votes in favor, 108 against and two abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies rejected the request for violation presented by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) against the Attorney General of Morelos, Uriel Carmona, as they indicated that the official does not have immunity, so it is not subject to this procedure.

“It has been established in the previous considerations that the Attorney General of the State of Morelos does not have federal criminal procedural immunity and, therefore, is not the recipient of the procedural provisions contained in Article 111 of the Federal Constitution (which talks about the violation) ”, Is mentioned in the resolution of the Investigative Section.

It is also pointed out that Article 136 of the State Constitution provides that in order to proceed against the Attorney General of the entity, the declaration of the State Congress in which it is indicated whether there is room or not will be required.

On December 15, the Federal Public Ministry submitted a request for a declaration of provenance (to withdraw the jurisdiction) against the local prosecutor, who is accused of crimes of illegal exercise of public service and against the operation of the National Public Security System.

The second is because Uriel Carmona did not comply with the legal and constitutional requirements required to occupy the position, and he did not have the necessary control and trust evaluations; Likewise, once he assumed his position as prosecutor, he made the appointments without the persons appointed in the positions having the trust control examinations.

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The opposition benches indicated that the issue should not be discussed because the prosecutor has a definitive suspension, which is why San Lázaro was prevented from deciding on the violation of Uriel Carmona until the merits of the matter were resolved and a sentence was issued. of protection.

“We do not have any authority to unburden this issue, nor can we disregard an act of authority. Settling this issue is a legal nonsense and a crime established in the Amparo Law, ”said PRI member Ricardo Aguilar.

Meanwhile, the Moreno deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna explained that the discussion was not to approve or reject the violation of the Morelos prosecutor, but “the only thing that we are saying, or that this Assembly will say, is that it is rejected, through an agreement of procedure, because the subject is not included in the catalog of article 111 of the Political Constitution ”.

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