It is not easy to have the responsibility to care for and cure people’s health problems. That is why such extensive training at university is necessary. During all these years the minimum basic knowledge is acquired for its subsequent application in the professional field. But while most doctors do exemplary work, there are also some exceptions. Unfortunately, dishonest doctors are not only harmful to patients but affect the entire union.

Faced with this situation, Deputy Ramón Vázquez Valadez presented a initiative with which it seeks to end this situation. It consists of reforming various articles of the Health Law and the Penal Code to establish more severe penalties.

They go against false doctors!

So far the idea is only intended for Baja California and seeks to modify articles 4, 45, 45 BIS, 46, 50, 51, 52, 54 and 56 of the Public Health Law of the Entity. In addition also article 270 of the State Penal Code.

Similarly, the deputy requested that the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, through its Department of Professions, offer a registry of all people who have professional certificates, specialties, certifications or recertifications or degrees that accredit their medical studies.

From the above, there would be a stricter control of the people who really have the necessary studies. Whereas when detecting dishonest doctors or with falsified documentation they would immediately be sanctioned.

In the same way, it is requested that for the protection of patients the State Health Secretariat must publish through its website a list of health professionals who have authorization to practice the profession in the entity. In this way, if someone requires a service, they could verify from home if the doctor they intend to see really has the necessary studies.


Regarding article 46, what is intended is that when there is an epidemiological emergency decree, all institutions, both public and private, offer health services universally. With this, all citizens would be assured of attention due to the seriousness of the situation.

This initiative was referred to the Baja California Governance and Constitutional Points Commission for legal analysis and subsequent approval.

People who denigrate the profession increase

All this reminds us that last year it was announced that since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of apocryphal doctors who are dedicated to offering consultations throughout the country increased. Irresponsibility increases when they also prescribe the wrong drugs or in the wrong doses that endanger patients.

While due to dishonest doctors, Mexico currently ranks fifth in the world in terms of Plastic Surgery interventions performed by charlatans. According to the International Society of Plastic Surgery, our country is only below Brazil, Japan, the United States and Italy.