In 2019, famous film director Martin Scorsese criticized the films of Marvel, pointing out that these tapes are “amusement parks.” Now, as the box office is once again dominated by the MCU, Denis Villeneuve, who is in charge of the new adaptation of Dune, has decided to join the conversation, and criticize these feature films.

In an interview with El Mundo, Villeneuve was questioned about the great emphasis that the market places on Marvel, and if she shares the same opinion as Scorsese. The director on this occasion pointed to the similarities between these tapes as his biggest problem.. This was what he commented:

“Perhaps the problem is that we are in front of too many Marvel films that are not more than a cut and paste of others. Maybe these kinds of movies have turned us into zombies a bit ”.

Like Scorese, Villeneuve does not have a problem as such with MarvelBut with the way in which the industry gives a higher priority to these tapes, leaving aside the original and independent projects. These two filmmakers have not been the only ones who have criticized the MCU, as directors such as Francis Ford-Coppola, Ken Loach and, more recently, Michel Franco have also shared their opinions on this issue.


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Denis Villeneuve criticizes Marvel films

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