Delta CM asks followers to name the city that changed their lives and Wuhan ruins his innocent post

Delta CM asks followers to name the city that changed their lives and Wuhan ruins his innocent post

An innocent post from the CM of Delta became the worst reminder of the health contingency in which we still find ourselves, since C0VID-I9 originated in China for the world, after the outbreak of the pathogen that was registered in the city of wuhan and that became the pandemic that we all know.

The measure is today an important action that demonstrates the activism of the staff in charge of social networks and how bold it ends up being to be able to generate good activations, starting from simple things like understanding the context in which you live.

A couple of years ago, asking the question of which city changed your life as a dedicated travel account could have resulted in an endearing thread of mentions on Twitter, some cities for their reputation as romantic destinations like Paris, others for being the first destinations traveled; other cities could be mentioned for their mysticism, but this question loses its endearing character when you ask it in the midst of a health contingency.

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Delta’s CM learned this lesson the hard way, when last week he had the idea of ​​asking the brand’s followers which city changed their lives. The unison response was Wuhan, the epicenter of the C0VID-I9 pandemic, which to this day continues to set the course in people’s lives.

Before this experiment it is important to understand what elements are important to understand and what activities serve to understand work elements.

Given this, it is increasingly important to understand what aspects are forceful when understanding what is worth in communication. For example, one element that we cannot lose sight of in this exercise has to do with the opportunity that brands find when they manage to turn a bad post into an important conversation on social networks.

The important character can have a serious negative connotation, but at the end of the day it is important that it happens because it generates awareness of the context that is lived. For example, when the comedian Eugenio Derbez criticized the costs of having a community manager, it sparked a serious social conversation when a CM wrote a letter addressed to the comedian, where he criticized the work situation they faced as professionals.

From a post, to the worst brand crises in the midst of the contingency

These types of actions, such as Derbez’s criticism of the work of the CMs or the Delta account asking about the city that changed your life, are interesting triggers of social conversation and the character they acquire at the end of the day is important, because it determines the the ability of companies to be able to innovate in the conversation that is held with brands.

The challenge of being a CM in contingency duplicates the work and is that there is an ethical responsibility with what is promoted in each post and empathy, with what is communicated to the followers of the brands, whether commercial or personal, to avoid mistakes. for a post that does not comply with these principles.

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