Dedicated his law degree to his father at market stall

Dedicated his law degree to his father at market stall

Without a doubt, most of what we are and what we achieve as people we owe to our parents, so when something important happens in our lives, the first thing we do is run to tell them. Just as this young man did, who upon receiving his university degree, went to his father’s stall in the market to thank him and went viral.

Through your Twitter account, Alexis Castillo, a young man from Barranquilla, Colombia, published an emotional video in which he surprises his father at the market stall where he works, to give him his university degree and thank him for everything he did for him.

I came to the public market, the first hug I want after receiving this professional title is from my DAD. Thank you, Daddy, for giving me love and for trusting me so much.

In the 19-second recording, the boy can be seen excited and grateful, bragging that due to the position where his dad sells glasses, he was able to pay for his studies.

Here in this business it was how I became and my father paid me for my law degree, so I am very proud to take a photo with him and tell him that this title is also his.

Alexis’ act of gratitude to his father shook all Twitter users, who did not hesitate to viralize it. The publication already has more than 5000 likes, more than 1000 retweets and more than 200 comments.

With this, Alexis became the first professional in his family, made up of him, his parents and six siblings. In addition to obtaining his law degree, this young man has managed to carry out projects such as the Community Law Center, which aims to help communities with legal problems.

My parents have always supported me and I have appreciated their efforts to continue advancing in this world. Now I want to be a doctor of law, I am working to achieve it.

This moving story motivates us to be grateful to our parents and to recognize the effort they make for us. Congratulations Alexis!

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