Although a good handful of Back 4 Blood decks focus on endurance (quite necessary at the highest levels of difficulty), the one that we bring you in this guide has a quite different objective: to be a real beast with the shotgun. Few weapons are as powerful at close range, although it has its drawbacks.

If a flaw in the shotguns should be highlighted, it is the slow reload. However, with the deck this is greatly fixed, and it is very important to switch between weapons to end up doing a real damage animation (in addition to reloading quickly and having bonuses for switching between your two weapons). This is the version proposed by PNDK & M.

Shotgun Damage Deck in Back 4 Blood

These are the 15 cards you’ll want in the deck:

Shotgun Damage Deck Back 4 Blood
  • Express change: Switching weapons within 0.75 seconds after going low gives an additional 20% damage for 5 seconds.
  • Tactical reload: saving a weapon recharges, -15% ammo capacity.
  • Cocky: + 75% weapon change speed, when you take damage your aim is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds.
  • Charger coupler: + 50% reload speed due to not being able to aim with the scope.
  • God of ammunition– Secondary weapons have unlimited ammo but reload 20% slower.
  • Quick removal: + 50% aim at the cost of not being able to aim with the scope.
  • Face your fears: Gain 3 temporary health points each time you kill an infected within 2 meters.
  • Armed thug: When using a shotgun, you gain temporary health for each pellet that hits the target.

How to get supply points fast in Back 4 Blood

  • Hyper-concentrated: + 50% damage to weak points at the cost of -5% damage resistance.
  • Murderous instinct: + 30% damage to weak points at the cost of not being able to aim down the sights.
  • Risky Strategy: + 3 ‘% damage to weak points at the cost of -5% damage resistance.
  • Chopper: Each bullet that hits the target causes them to take 1% more damage for 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 15%.
  • Shotgun Ace: + 40% reload speed with the shotgun.
  • A shot done: + 10% bullet damage, + 150% bullet penetration at the cost of losing 5 coins with each mutation removal.
  • Biker helmet: + 15% damage resistance, +10 health points and you cannot aim with the scope.
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The deck plays a lot of cards that prevent aiming, which is no problem when using shotgun. The reload speed is insane, and it also achieves a really powerful reload speed (especially for situations where you do need to use the shotgun).

However, the ideal is to ALWAYS be switching between weapons as soon as you see that you have few bullets left. The reason is simple: when you change weapons they will reload, and you will ALWAYS have bullets in the secondary for the letter God of ammunition.

As you can imagine, ALWAYS seek to have a shotgun as the main weapon and another shotgun as a secondary weapon.