Caring for patients requires a lot of preparation due to the responsibility of attending to health problems. It takes years to obtain the minimum knowledge necessary to carry out this profession. While it is also a job in which learning is never finished and new experiences are gained every day. At the same time, being a better doctor should be a purpose that everyone should have.

In this case, it not only implies having sufficient knowledge within the health field, but other aspects are also needed. From humanism to ethics are necessary in this work of great relevance.

How to become a better doctor?

To achieve continuous improvement there are many sources that you can turn to. The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) has the Ethics and conflict of interest prevention committee. Within the document there are ten tips that you can follow in your professional life to achieve this and it does not matter if you do not belong to the institution.

Equal treatment

All patients must be seen and cared for equally. None is better or worse than the others and you must offer the same service. You should never grant privileges or preferences to the people who come with you.


You must support yourself and provide support to all your co-workers. Uniting efforts is essential to provide a comprehensive service to patients and also improves intra-hospital relations.


You must perform your tasks with the highest quality standards to achieve satisfaction of the service provided to the patient.


You need to listen carefully to the patient to understand their needs. While the service must be offered with warmth so as not to neglect the emotional part. In other words, you must attend to others as you would like them to do with you.



You must collaborate unconditionally in the goals and objectives of the institution to which you belong. In this way, not only you receive benefits but your entire work team.


You must respect the ideas and opinions of others to avoid any type of conflict. This point includes both patients and your colleagues because everyone has a point of view.


You must participate and encourage the development of the organizational culture, in order to achieve spaces free of violence and acts of harassment of any kind. Everything must be based on internal codes of conduct.


You must get involved in the defense and preservation of Human Rights within your environment. In this way you guarantee a better workspace.


You must maintain a conduct aligned with the mission and vision of the institution to which you belong.


You must carry out your tasks with the same conviction every day. You must transmit your enthusiasm to your other colleagues so that they can generate a synergy and thus achieve better workspaces. In this way you will also always be a better doctor.