Needless to say, but Squid Game was one of the most popular series to have reached Netflix this year. The fever for the work of Hwang Dong-hyuk it became so widespread that rumors even began to emerge that “someone” was already working on an official video game. But not all of this is good news, as there is a possibility that a man could be sentenced to death for smuggling illegal copies of the show on North Korea.

According to information from Radio Free Asia, a citizen of North Korea was sentenced to death for introducing illegal copies of Squid Game to this country. Apparently the culprit sold copies in pendrives other North Korean residents, who would also be punished for acquiring the merchandise. However, it seems that it is still not one hundred percent sure that the culprit is going to be shot by a platoon, which is how they wanted his death to be.

This same medium also reports that seven high school students were arrested for having bought and looked at Squid Game, and apparently they must serve up to five years of forced labor. Meanwhile, the teachers and school administrators of the detained students have also been fired and it is possible that they may even be exiled.


Editor’s note: This would not be the first time that North Korea has been involved in such a controversy, and it certainly will not be the last. The Kim Jong-un regime is still very present in this country, and it sounds like something complicated that things can change in the short term.

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Via: Radio Free Asia

Death penalty for whoever put Squid Game in North Korea

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