Death Note, project with creators of Stranger Things

Death Note, project with creators of Stranger Things

It is clear that the Duffer Brothers have had great success with the series stranger thingsand the show’s fourth season became so sought after that it crashed Netflix’s servers when the last two episodes premiered, so now, the creative brothers have started a new production company for the streaming service, and one of the first projects will be a new live-action adaptation of one of the biggest anime series, death note.

This has been revealed by Deadline, the new television series will be a new live action version of the story of light Yagami and the mysterious notebook that allows him to kill whoever he wants, as long as he knows his name and has seen his face, a project that Netflix previously released a movie and this new series will have no relation to, which leaves the plans for the sequel now in debate.

Since the original Death Note series might have come to an end with Light meeting a deserved fate, but the creators Tsugumi Ohba Y Takeshi Obata returned to the world of Ryuuk and Shinigami through a one-shot manga sequel that saw a new heir to the killer book, where in addition to this series, the anime creators also recently launched a new series in Platinum End, in which a young protagonist was involved in a strange tournament in which the universe decided which member of humanity would become a god.

The Death Note live action original movie in Netflix came out in 2017, with horror director Adam Wingard releasing an adaptation that was quite controversial amongst the anime community, it starred Nat Wolff as Light and Willem Dafoe playing the role of Ryuuk, to which there were later rumors that it was being developing a sequel, though such rumors might be a thing of the past at this point.

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Within the Deadline article it also goes into detail when it comes to Upside Down Pictures tackling a new horror series, The Talisman, which will adapt the 1984 novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub, the premise of this series is in line with Stranger Things, as it involves a great deal of fantasy while also featuring a werewolf that the Duffer Brothers describe as “the greatest werewolf character of all time.”