It’s funny, but lately all the stars of Marvel Studios want to work with actor Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool.

Many Hollywood actors who have met Ryan reynolds in some movie they have always praised the actor. For example Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson considers him the best performer of all time since they worked on Red Notice, a film that will premiere in Netflix. But also, many of the stars of Marvel studios they are eager for their characters to cross paths with Deadpool.

Since Tom holland to Tom Hiddleston, both have chosen Deadpool from Ryan reynolds as the perfect companion for Spider-man Y Loki. Something without a doubt that it would be great to be able to see in the cinema. Besides the actor OT Fagbenle, who plays Mason on Black widow, he is very clear with which Marvel Studios character he would like to share the screen.

“I mean, listen, there are many.” Fagneble said. “I think there is no question about the Black Panther community. I think Mason could do a great job there… My number one could be Deadpool. I think Deadpool could probably use a little help. “

Considering that Mason can achieve anything with money and some time, he could certainly be of great help to him. “Loudmouth mercenary”.

He is a character that offers many possibilities.

In the first two films of Deadpool starring Ryan reynoldsWe have been able to see how they have taken risks with the stories and have not worried about adding jokes or stronger violence than is usually seen in Marvel Studios. That is why it is normal for many actors to want their characters to meet him, since they know perfectly well that this means that they can show different things than what we are used to.

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A while ago it was rumored that we could get to see Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Spider-man (Tom Holland) together in the same movie, something that the actor Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker was very excited about.

Hopefully they will soon introduce Deadpool by Ryan Reynolds at Marvel Studios, but while we can see both movies in Disney Plus.