A few days ago it was possible to see a video of reactions on the trailer of the new movie of Ryan reynolds, FREE GUY, with release date August 20, 2021. In the video it has been possible to see DEADPOOL played by Reynolds himself alongside KORG, the rocky friend of THOR, last seen in Avengers: Endgame.

The appearance of DEADPOOL Y KORG has revealed its introduction within the UCM, which is currently in a new phase in development. The news comes at a time when DC is a few weeks away from the premiere of The Suicide Squad. One counterattack on the part MARVEL STUDIOS to the new tape of the antiheroes of Harley quinn, not recommended for all audiences weeks after its release.

Will the bloody action reach the UCM? The truth is that the introduction of DEADPOOL It would mean a new trend towards action from a more explicit and bloody point of view, but it is possible that its appearance will be sweetened towards common places to which we are already accustomed. MARVEL STUDIOS. The future is still uncertain, but it must be said that this news has been a good surprise for all the fans.

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