Dead by Daylight will incorporate a new mechanic in the next Volume

Dead by Daylight will incorporate a new mechanic in the next Volume

The entire community of Dead by Daylight players is in a constant search to improve their skills in the asymmetric multiplayer horror video game. Currently the video game is in a period of updating and adding new features, as usually happens at the beginning of each new year.

Something that we find quite striking is that, in that sense, we have learned that Dead by Daylight will introduce a new mechanic with the next Volume of The Archives, which will be a variant of one already known. Specifically we are referring to the glyphs, elements with which we must interact during the games and that produce different effects on the character we are controlling.

Best of all, the specialized page DbD Leaks has explained what this new glyph will be called and what it will do to us. It is the white glyph, which will generate a pocket mirror in our survivor as soon as we interact with it.

The objective will be to take it to another point on the map to complete the mission. Of course, there will be an added difficulty: the mirror is very fragile and will break if we run over a window or a pallet, are hit by the murderer or fall from a great height.

Unlike other missions in the Tome that involve interacting with glyphs, it appears that the white glyph will be exclusive to survivors, so we will not be able to complete these challenges as the assassin. Meanwhile, DbD Leaks recalls that the main characters in the next Volume of The Archives will be Detective Tapp, Nea Karlsson, La Cerda and El Pueblerino (better known as Hillbilly).

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In recent times, Behavior Interactive has announced that many new features will arrive in the coming months, such as the new mechanic of grappling through skill tests or an option (also for console players) to test some future features before they are found. available in the final version of Dead by Daylight.