DC makes Harley Quinn the savior of humanity

DC makes Harley Quinn the savior of humanity


Of all the heroes that are part of the universe of DC, harley quinn is now humanity’s last hope for survival in the comic series titled DC vs. vampire.

Harley Quinn saves the world in a universe plagued by vampires

the one shot DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1a spin-off series from the main limited comic, shows the commissioner Jim Gordon giving to harley quinn a vial of blood lex luthor, which possesses properties to kill vampires. Luthor’s blood was given to Batman for the vampire Andrew Bennett in DC vs. vampire #1but after the death of Batmanended up with Gordon. After it was discovered that cat woman was actually a vampire bites harleybut he had already injected himself with blood, thus managing to kill cat woman. Now, the secret to ending all vampires runs through the veins of harley.

Harley Quinn is one of the most complex characters in comics

However, unlike the main version of DC of harley, this version of the character is not interested in being a hero. After the vampires took over the planet, harley started his own underground criminal network with cat woman, Solomon Grundy Y Clayface, and even killed other great villains for becoming his rival. When Gordon first tries to get Harley to smuggle the blood out of luthor of Gotham Cityshe refuses, forcing Gordon to plant it in her so the vampires can find him.

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However, Harley is one of the last people to be seen with batgirl in DC vs. vampire #6. Before the events of Killers, Barbara meets with harley and the suicide squad before it is revealed that half of the team is made up of vampires, and she is one of the surviving members of the bat family at the end of the issue after Vampire King Nightwing.

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DC vs. vampire begins its second half on July 5 when the seventh issue of the title is released. Although the main series took a three-month hiatus from the release of new issues, there will still be plenty of vampire hunting for DC readers to enjoy throughout this year.

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