Days Gone Director Reveals What Killed The Sequel

Days Gone Director Reveals What Killed The Sequel

Recently we have been receiving a lot of information related to Days Gone, this after the game directors participated in an interview with David Jaffe, creator of Twisted Metal. Not only did we learn that the sales of this game could be much lower than reported, but now we also know one of the main reasons why we never had a sequel.

Talking with Jaffe, Jeff Ross, game director said that as soon as Shawn layden, ex-head of Sony Worldwide Studios, will leave the company beyond 2019, the possibilities of Days gone 2 were reduced to zero:

“It became quite apparent that we shouldn’t be talking about Days Gone while we were working on the proposal and generating it. It was clear that it was never going to work. And there was nothing in this proposal that convinced the local manager and his boss. We probably failed as a creative team, but it was always a tough battle to win. “

Subsequently, Ross He also mentioned some of the things that came up as a result of this cancellation, as another proposal towards Sony asking them to let them work on an open world game of Resistance. Here you can learn more details about this.


Editor’s note: It is a pity that Days Gone will no longer have a sequel, since this was a game that I enjoyed despite its mistakes. Maybe people were too fatigued from open world zombie games, but by now it’s better to stick with the idea that we will never have a sequel to this story.

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Via: IGN

Days Gone Director Reveals What Killed The Sequel

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