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Dave Bautista could be Kratos, Amazon series

Dave Bautista could be Kratos, Amazon series

It’s clear that God of Waris one of the biggest and most beloved game franchises in the world of gaming, that is in large part due to its recent soft reboot of the series in 2018, its success both critically and commercially, has reinvigorated the franchise, offering a mature take on the series that many could relate to.

That’s why the 2018 entry was also the most cinematic of the series, making it ideal for a live-action adaptation, to which Sony has confirmed that he is working on a television series of God of War for amazonbut details about the project are scarce so far, or were, as it is not yet clear who will play Kratosif it will directly adapt the games and what it will look like, but there is a prominent casting among the fans to see who will play God of War.

So, among the actors who have attended it, there is dave baptistbest known for his appearances on Guardians of the Galaxywhich is one of the names that circulate among fans of Kratosto what recently were some comments suggesting that Baptist would make sense for the role by means of Instagram Y Baptist responded in the comments section: “According to popular opinion, there is everyone else.”

“Hey! I love proving people wrong. #justsay”to what seems to be Baptist he’s open to the idea, if only to show people he’s capable on paper as well as physically dave baptist already looks quite like Kratossince he’s a burly giant who’s had his body painted for other roles, so after all what he really needs is a bushy beard and he’ll be as close to Kratos.

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Among other things, dave baptist He has also stated that he would love to play Marcus Phoenix in a movie Gears of Wareven going so far as to reject fast and furious to try to present himself as the best candidate for the film of Gears of War.

Especially since dave baptist eventually appeared as a playable character in gear 5but as of now, he hasn’t been cast in the movie yet, so it remains to be seen whether or not he can convince Sony Y amazon that it is suitable for Kratos in God of Warbut if the audience demands it, you could start campaigning for this just like you did for Gears of Waror what do you think?…