Dating apps targeted by scammers; how to prevent flirting fraud

Dating apps targeted by scammers;  how to prevent flirting fraud

The foundation of digital platforms and social networks within the new normality, directly transformed the way in which society relates, this forced by social distancing, since the need for interaction of people remaineddespite the physical limitations, an aspect that encouraged the growing number of current Internet users, who not only live together, since they also work, trade, study and seek affectionate relationships.

The great growth within the digital community, today represents just over 62.5 percent of the world’s population, according to the latest report from We Are Social, Digital Report 2022, a figure that shows the importance that a community of more than 4 thousand 950 million Internet users has on the way in which society now relates and seeks to establish affective relationships.

The search for a partner or relationship is increasingly done in a more digital way, according to what is indicated in the report of, In Mexico alone, 30.2 percent of dating app users enter with the aim of establishing a formal relationship, while 28.9 percent only look for casual encounters.

Dating apps targeted by scammers; how to prevent flirting fraud

In the wake of the exposure of the scammer documentary series of Tinderby the Netflix streaming platform, hundreds of similar cases have come to light, so much so that within the United States alone, from 2016 to 2020, losses from romance scams increased fourfold according to the Federal Trade Commission; however, it is estimated that the number could be even higher, since due to stigma it is not reported.

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Likewise, it was announced that within the national territory, this crime went from 5,675 in 2021 to 9,830 this year, according to what was indicated by the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), being Tinder is the most reported application for crimes related to fraud, identity theft, express kidnapping, among others. For this reason, various aspects must be known that allow Internet users not to enter these scams, such as:

  • Establish that the laggards are not only looking for single people or with feelings of loneliness, since they seek to manipulate all kinds of people with the intention of stealing and swindling them.
  • Each scam has a pattern, since the scammers first usurp the identity of someone attractive to society, such as a high official or a person with apparent high economic income; however, within the story a medical condition festers, a monetary urgency that seeks to resolve immediately, being that the hook for extortion.
  • An important aspect is to know and monitor the interaction of people in dating apps, since these do not usually provide too much personal information, so at the first signs of something complicated, caution should be exercised.

According to what was indicated by the commercial president of Featurespace in Latin America, Saúl Olivares, pointed out that the majority ofPeople are unaware of the real threat posed by this type of fraud. “All the more reason society should open up an honest, judgment-free conversation about romance scams.”

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