data science and marketing

data science and marketing

We are aware that marketing is one of the 3 primary and functional areas of a company, those in which it is necessary to put particular focus. Marketing, to condense the concept, are all those strategies that focus on improving the marketing of a product or service, for this, today there are resources that are very valuable to achieve the goal, but what does it have to do with marketing? data science with marketing? Can you really make use of this science for these objectives?

To put in context, data science is specialized in extracting information from raw data, before polishing it, hence the term also known as “data mining” and this has a lot to do with marketing, but how?

Many companies and consumers generate data, data such as hours of consumption, trends, genres, numbers, types of product, to name a few, this through various media and communication channels, however, marketing professionals have realized that they need very specific tools to extract that data and get the most out of it.

Right at this point, data scientists and their knowledge come in to process them, to turn them into insights, a term widely used in marketing and which means “knowledge that adds value”, and with this, improve all marketing strategies.

Based on this collection, analysis and processing of data, the scientist is able to carry out predictive analysis and specific trends, which means: Predict consumer behavior, the result of data science.

The use of data science focused on marketing has many advantages:

  • Personalize the content
  • Impact users with relevant information for them
  • Create data-driven products
  • Get accurate databases
  • Detect patterns of many kinds
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data science and marketing

Nowadays, thanks to the interpretation of the data, it is possible to define where we want the ads to be shown and above all, to whom we want them to be shown. In the offline world, an advertisement was placed on a busy street and the only thing we were sure of was that many people would see it, but it was not possible to measure how many impacts it would achieve on the target audience.

Through data science is achieved:

  • Choose very precisely the location of where you want to show display ads.
  • Show the ad based on the location having maybe 2 or 3 versions of the product
  • Focus on different target audiences
  • Optimize results through precise segmentation.

Marketing departments today require specialists and data scientists with a profile focused on the consumer, who are able to extract and take advantage of the data obtained and make very effective business decisions.

Data science today is a reality.