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The sixth stage of the Dakar 2022 In the category of motorcycles and quads, which had a route of 404 kilometers, it will not be disputed in its entirety by the evil state of the terrain through which it should pass. All this one day before the rest day.

The poor condition of the track due to the passage of cars and trucks yesterday, added to the heavy rains in recent days, have made the track impassable& rdquor ;, reported the organization in a statement.


Already in the fifth stage, ASO decided to do the same for motorcycles, quads and the vehicles that compete in the classic category, but it was due to the adverse weather conditions that prevented the helicopters from flying and, therefore, guarantee the safety of the helicopters. pilots.

Thus, as there is no checkpoint at kilometer 101 and it is a refueling point, the results will be communicated throughout the day by the organization.