Dacia is studying a major adjustment to the range of its successful utility. The cheapest version of the Dacia Sandero is in danger. The Romanian brand is considering withdrawing from the market the Access trim level that allows this car to set a starting price below € 9,000.

At the moment the range of the new Dacia Sandero consists of three trim levels. These are the Access, Essential and Comfort finishes. However, this may change very soon. The reason? Dacia is analyzing the pros and cons of withdrawing the access version from the market. Namely, stop marketing the Access finish which allows the Sandero to set its cheapest starting price.

The Sandero Access configurator price is € 8,756. In these times, advertising a new car for less than € 9,000 is a great advertising hook. It is true that, as we will see later, this termination does not bring together, by far, the bulk of the sales of the Sandero, however, for years it has been accompanying us in the dealerships.

The front of the Dacia Sandero configured with the Access trim level

Dacia wants to remove the Access finish from the Sandero range

What reason is prompting Dacia to study this possibility? Neither more nor less than the fact that the new Sandero Access is not selling. It is a version, which, at present, only has the purpose of being a commercial hook as we have previously indicated.

A French specialized media assures that Dacia wants to leave the Sandero range composed of the same number of finishes as that of the new Dacia Sandero Stepway, only two finishes.

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If this proposal materializes, if we go into the Sandero configurator we will find only two finishes: Essential and Comfort. Furthermore, this would leave the Romanian model with a configurator starting price of € 9,864. Still below the € 10,000 barrier, which is still an equally interesting figure.

Video comparison of the new Dacia Sandero Stepway with the Dacia Duster, two true bestsellers

The equipment of the Dacia Sandero Access

Is the Sandero Access well equipped? The truth is that analyzing the endowment we will find a somewhat fair equipment in various aspects. For example, it lacks air conditioning, something totally essential in Spain. We list below the featured standard equipment:

  • Multiple airbags (front, side and curtain)
  • Emergency call e-Call
  • Assisted emergency braking
  • Hill start aid
  • Speed ​​limiter
  • Front electric windows
  • 15-inch steel wheels
  • Height adjustable steering wheel
  • Automatic lights on
  • LED lights for daytime driving
  • Access upholstery
  • Adjustable driver’s seat height
  • Interior rear view mirror with Day / Night function
  • Manually adjustable exterior rear view mirrors

The engines of the Dacia Sandero Access

When it comes to the mechanical section, there are no options. Everything goes through a 65 hp, 95 Nm SCe petrol engine of maximum torque associated with a five-speed manual gearbox and a front-wheel drive system. If we want to opt for any other of the mechanics that are in the Sandero range, we will have to go for a superior finish.

Dacia Sandero Access - rear
Dacia is considering removing the Access trim level from the Sandero range

The arrival of the third generation of the Sandero has allowed the Dacia model to confirm itself as one of the best cheap cars. And it has taken an impressive leap in terms of quality, safety and dynamism.