Czech model does amazing Android 18 cosplay

Czech model does amazing Android 18 cosplay

There is no doubt that android 18 is one of the female characters most loved by the community. Thanks to her design and attitude, Krillin’s wife has won the hearts of millions of fans. In this way, it should not be a surprise to hear that a cosplayer has taken the bases of Android 18, and He has used them to not only transform into this character, but to give Jessie from Pokémon a new life.

Not long ago, the cosplayer known as itlookslikekilled carried out work that transformed her into the creation of Dr. Gerowith everything and the now iconic denim clothing.


However, itlookslikekilled was not happy with just this job, as also decided to merge Android 18 with Jessie, to create something that fans will surely appreciate.


On related topics, the United States model has brought Wonder Woman to life. Similarly, German model brings Marin Kitagawa to life.


Via: itlookslikekilled