Customize your set up with the LED hexagons that everyone has

Customize your set up with the LED hexagons that everyone has

This pack of LED hexagons contains 3 multicolored pieces.

Video game fans need to have a conditioned space to play for hours. Even if it’s night, looking at the screen in such darkness is not recommended, so one of the cheapest lighting options are the led lights. There are thousands of lamps and ways to illuminate a room, although these are the trendy colored LED hexagons and I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the world. They have a little discount so you can get them for 26.99 euros or less.

Right now they have a small discount of 4 percent, but it is also possible apply a 5 percent coupon, only valid until January 27. This pack of LED hexagons it costs 26.99 euros in total and they are very useful to give some color to your room whether you play video games or not. if you also apply the coupon, you can stay in less than 26 euros. The discount is not much, but it is always welcome. Many streamers have these LED hexagons to give a different touch to your environment.

LED hexagons to personalize your room

LED hexagons allow many combinations.

This pack of LED hexagons contains 3 pieces with multi-color lighting. It can be easily installed on the wall and has a modern and simple design to make the combinations you want. Hexagons have modular lighting Sensitive to touch, so it can be turned on and off by touching each piece with your hand. Just one of the panels connects to power supply and contains a power adapter that allows you to connect up to 20 lights. The side magnets of the hexagons supply power to the rest of the parts.

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You can install them with nails or with an adhesive tape which is included, perfect for smooth walls. Decorating your room has never been so easy and cheap. This pack of LED hexagons is priced at 26.99 euros on Amazon and contains 3 pieces with multicolor lighting. If you prefer, on the same product sheet there are also white lighting panels.

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