Customer experience and the needs of the modern consumer

Customer experience and the needs of the modern consumer

For any company and brand, understanding the costumer experience is essential to meet the needs of the consumer.

This is because the consumer is much more used to buying what they are already related to. Identification with the brand is a fundamental piece. That’s where the confidence in the brand starts; it is beyond the taste of a product or its price. While these are also key points, you always have to look further.

The Mexican consumer

For Mexico, the consumer represents one of the pillars that sustain financial stability. Although there are difficulties, such as the inflation and the slowdown in growth, consumption has been characterized as one of the main lifelines.

He is considered like “the bright spot” of the country’s economyAccording to a lengthy report by the Reuters agency. It also highlights that the spending of Mexicans increased as Mexicans living abroad sent a record 12.5 billion in remittances home during the first quarter. Likewise, tourism recovered and pandemic restrictions and infections eased, while the labor market remained strong.

Likewise, Fitch Ratingsrecently pointed out that consumption is one of the greatest strengths of the Mexican economy.

Consumption has reached pre-pandemic levelsbenefiting from the relaxation of mobility restrictions, the improvement of the labor market and relatively strong remittances”, he commented in a study.

Likewise, according to the first study, companies in general are experiencing an improvement in demand. Therefore, this seems to be the worst time to stop considering the customer experience in order to meet these needs that the consumer presents in his day to day.

On the other hand, it is considered that consumer confidence in the products has been fluctuating, since according to information from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics and the Bank of Mexico, the Consumer Confidence Indicator (ICC)prepared jointly by both institutions was 44.2 points, seeing its highest point in January 2019 during a period of 16 years whose consideration closed in May 2022.

Customer experience and the importance of understanding consumer needs

The change in consumer trends has generated new needs. Concepts that were once not worth considering now evoke essential problems. The experience that the client obtains from the brand is essential to connect with it.

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It is no longer enough just to present a high-quality product, nor is it enough to have affordable prices. Competitiveness will always be a pillar for a market strategy to bear fruit, but there will always be more.

Understanding the needs of the client, that is, what they need that we as a brand can solve, will make their experience reach what is known as customer success (CS). It is a strategy to optimize the process of delivering value to customers. Its application is carried out based on data, metrics and statistics, which guide the path to be taken. In short, it is a job designed for customers to be successful when purchasing a product or service.

Also, according to an investigation by the IDC consultantabout 84 percent of the people surveyed considered the experience as an element as relevant as the products they buy.

For most of the companies that have begun to follow this model, things are changing. Beyond seeing customers as those who consume products and services, it is necessary to understand them as people, to understand their needs, desires and interests. It will be considered that it is only possible to satisfy and fulfill the wishes of the clients when their motivations and needs are understood.

It is necessary to adopt a customer-centric approach. Optimizing new experiences is critical, as consumers are already interested in impactful ads. On the contrary, the weight is given to the service they receive, to the treatment. This has of course impacted the world of marketing and advertising.

For example, ZENVIA it does consider that this process is essential to understand consumer behavior. This firm carried out an analysis of the factors that influence the behavior of people when consuming. “This is trying to understand how a person uses their available resources in meeting their needs,” he says. In this analysis, five stages are taken into account:

  1. Recognition of the need.
  2. Information search.
  3. Information evaluation.
  4. Decision and purchase.
  5. Consumption and post-purchase evaluation.

These five points are key in understanding the consumer as a person, since a bad experience for the consumer can cause them to lose everything built by a brand from the beginning.

For this reason, constant complaints can be found on social networks, not only about products in poor condition, but also about the terrible treatment of customers.

For them, customer service through the media is so important. According to Tiendeo91.2 percent of marketers seek to improve the path that the user follows when relating to a brand.

Hence, the work not only of employees and managers, but even of the CM is essential. In other words, a company that is able to meet the needs of consumers and solve any problem usually retains the status of a love brand.

For all this and more, it is imperative to consider each edge and approach the consumer’s door.

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