Crypto companies are partnering with traditional companies and help push crypto

Crypto companies are partnering with traditional companies and help push crypto

The bear market period that the crypto economy is experiencing is putting the sector to the test. In this stage, many companies in the crypto ecosystem are turning to offering infrastructure to traditional financial companiessuch as the availability of payment through digital currencies, the creation of NFTs or the availability of white-label platforms.

For the specialist Rodrigo Soeiro, it is the way to massify the crypto economy and meet the growing demands of the population.

The crypto economy will move rapidly towards solutions with real application in people’s daily lives, breaking little by little with this merely speculative image that we have today. That is the path of massification, and that is where we direct our actions”, highlights Soeiro, who is also CEO and co-founder of Monnos, a crypto bank in Brazil.

Some examples of this movement have already occurred in companies such as Nubank, 99 taxi and Mercado Livre, which began to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum buying and selling services. For Soeiro, this will become more and more common, encompassing not only banks, but also retailers, personalities and more.

It is a movement that will be gradual, but not slow. The little ones will adopt more quickly, and the big ones who are bold will also take their steps. We will see banks that offer cryptocurrency wallets, brokers that have cryptocurrency-backed strategies, and retailers that accept payments with any cryptocurrency, plus of course personalities and big brands that provide their NFTs with support on various platforms.”, he points out.

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The specialist adds that it is an exchange. “While the crypto economy gains capillarity and credibility supported by big brands already recognized, these players will be obtaining new lines of income, a pioneering perception by their customer base, and will still be able to draw their own conclusions about this sector, not as spectators, but as main actors”.

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