Crisis? Not for 5 Mexican millionaires whose fortunes increased in a pandemic

Crisis?  Not for 5 Mexican millionaires whose fortunes increased in a pandemic

At the November 30 cutoff, Carlos Slim Helú’s fortune amounted to 60.9 billion dollars. Most of its wealth derives from a handful of publicly traded companies, but its most valuable asset is a majority stake in América Móvil, followed by its stakes in the holding Grupo Carso and the banking and insurance firm Grupo Financiero Inbursa. .

Slim has raised nearly $ 10 billion in dividends on his investments. Their cash value is based on an analysis of internal transactions, real estate purchases, market performance, investments, charitable giving, and taxes.

Bloomberg He estimates that with the wealth that Slim has, he could acquire 35.2 million troy ounces of gold or 894 million barrels of crude oil, and it is equivalent to 0.301 percent of the GDP of the United States.

Sara Mota de Larrea She is the richest woman in Mexico with a fortune of 17.4 billion dollars, which places her at number 112 of the richest in the world and second in the country.

Most of Mota’s fortune comes from Grupo México, the mining conglomerate founded by her late husband, Jorge Larrea. The businesswoman controls her stake through the holding Empresarios Industriales de México and owns 40.6%, according to her 2020 annual report cited by the index.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego founder and president of Grupo Salinas —a conglomerate that includes companies such as Banco Azteca, TV Azteca, Total Play and Elektra— is the third Mexican to appear on the list of Bloomberg with a fortune of 12.9 billion dollars.

The businessman, who in this six-year term is part of the group of economic advisers to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is the only one of the six that appear on the list that has decreased his wealth so far in the pandemic, although the figure is lower, 2%, as calculated by the economist Mario Alberto Campa placeholder image.

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With a fortune valued at 8.75 billion dollars, Alberto Baillères González is another Mexican who appears on the list of the 500 richest in the world, according to Bloomberg.

In April of this year and in the midst of a pandemic, the fourth richest businessman in Mexico decided to retire. Alberto Baillères GonzálezAs his father did at the time, he passed the baton of Grupo Bal’s empire to one of the seven children he had with his wife Teresa Gual: Alejandro Baillères Gual, who was expected to be his successor as he was on the Administrative Council of the main companies.