The leaks and rumors came to an end. DICE and Electronic Arts made official Portal —Formerly known as Battlefield HUB-, a multiplayer proposal of Battlefield 2042 what will allow you to create your own game modes. The most interesting thing, however, is that the contents at your fingertips are inherited from old installments of the saga. So, you can enjoy maps, weapons and vehicles that appeared to Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2 Y Battlefield 3.

Battlefield Portal will be available at launch as part of Battlefield 2042. The Swedish study promises that the modality will offer more than 40 weapons, more than 30 gadgets and more than 40 vehicles. As far as maps are concerned, the 7 gigantic of Battlefield 2042, while another 6 belong to the old games already mentioned. These are the emblematic scenes that return.

Battlefield 1942:

  • Battle of the bulge
  • El Alamein

Battlefield Bad Company 2:

Battlefield 3:

  • Caspian border
  • Noshahr canals

Battlefield 2042 integrates a powerful editor

DICE explains that the modalities construction system will allow combine vehicles and weapons from different eras in the same game. What does the above mean? You can see, for example, an M1 Abrams tank from Battlefield 3 facing a T-34 of Battlefield 1942. It will also be possible for dozens of World War II soldiers to face off with a squad of Battlefield Bad Company 2 with the latest technology. The possibilities are endless. Portal it is an experience focused on fun, not so much competitive.

“Imagine the assault rifles and helicopters from Battlefield 2042 on the Battle of the Bulge map from Battlefield 1942. Or perhaps a battle between knives and defibrillators on the Caspian Frontier? The inclusion of classic Battlefield universes in the Battlefield Portal offers opportunities Massive creative play. All the cutting-edge gear and massive maps from Battlefield 2042 can be brought into the Battlefield Portal, allowing you to wreak havoc in exciting new ways. “


The interface of the modality editor, in fact, reminds us of that of the graphics engines. Apparently in the video below, it is a fairly robust and complete system to take advantage of the creativity of the players. Obviously, players will have the opportunity to share your game modes with the rest of the community.

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“Our tools. Your rules. Battlefield Portal is a love letter to the franchise’s most veteran fans. Live the nostalgia of the previous games of Battlefield combined with the innovative technology of Battlefield 2042 in battles where anything can happen. Modify Battlefield completely with powerful tools to create new and totally unique Battlefield experiences. Change basic settings like weapons and maps, or make the most of the editor and tweak even the smallest details “, concludes HE SAYS.

You should also know that Battlefield Portal will have progress shared with Battlefield 2042. Consequently, you can level up no matter which mode you prefer to play. Finally, the Swedes point out that it will also work as a service, so they will constantly add more new content.

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