create Sailor Scouts and Evangelion crossover

create Sailor Scouts and Evangelion crossover

Have you ever wondered… what do they have in common? sailor Moon and Evangelion?, You would think that maybe they are both Japanese animated series or that they both have a large number of followers and fans, or maybe they are anime that were released in the 90’s; Well, you see, all of that is true, but now thanks to some fabulous fan art, they have one more thing in common.

That’s right, and this is because a creative illustrator who calls herself Tsunemokuhas made an incredible crossover between its main characters, the result is simply unmissable, since it not only mixes their styles, but it does it perfectly.

Let’s start by getting to know the artist, who through her Instagram official, where you can find it as @tsunemokuwhere it has almost 8 thousand followers and a large number of fan art works, where he mixes styles from various anime and his creations, has a lot of punch.

The girl has let us observe some of her creations based on this idea of ​​fusion between the two franchises, and we believe that the result is really very interesting, since the artist took care of even the smallest detail, causing a result that is not far from perfect.

You see, I take each of the sailor scoutssince in the illustrations you can see: Usagi, Mina, Lita, Rei, Ami, Chibiusa, Michiru, Haruka, Hotaru and Setsuna, using the beautiful costumes of the crew of Evangelion, each with a personalized touch according to each of the beautiful girls; which, they look very happy and seem to be having fun doing the great cosplay of the franchise.

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This is definitely a fantastic crossover, something you don’t get to see every day, so we thank your artist for the dedication and time to his work. We hope that this great work has been to your liking, and please, continue on eGamesNews.