Craziest Moments The Boys Season Three

Craziest Moments The Boys Season Three

It is currently airing on Prime Video a new season of TheBoys, series that establishes a world where superheroes live normally with ordinary beings. However, many of these heroes carry out somewhat illegal activities, which is why a group of people have decided to put the bad guys in their place.

In the six episodes broadcast on the streaming platform, all kinds of crazy things have happened that are out of the ordinary and go for the most extravagant, for that reason we have listed the ones that could cause the most trauma to first-timers. It is worth commenting that many of them are scenes with high blood content and possible suggestions.

Spoilers for The Boys ahead!


relationships with a doll

In the first episode of the new season, Termite can be seen having sex with a Barbie-style doll. This while a Ken-type doll watches them. Obviously, it is not mentioned what brand they are to avoid copyright problems.

inside pe

Entering a member

After the scene with the doll, Termite shrinks a bit more to get inside the member of one of her lovers. Something that could cause some disgust to more than one viewer.

storm bed

Homelander comforted by Stormfront

It can be seen that Stormfront is still alive, and despite this she tries to comfort Homelander in a hospital bed, this while she is practically disfigured.

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Victoria Neuman destroys people

In an alley Victoria Neuman meets a man named Tony. They have a small argument that leads to the depowered guy’s head exploding.


Crimson Countess exploits a pet

While being chased through the city, the Crimson Countess uses her powers outdoors to fight back. The problem, is that in the process she blows Homelander’s pet to pieces.


Shattered Black Noir

In a past battle, Black Noir ended up quite injured, so his face is completely destroyed before he puts on his helmet.


The Soldier Boy Song

Something that took fans by surprise was seeing Soldier Boy singing Rapture by Blondie.


Crimson Countess recording

The Crimson Countess starts recording and the client on the other end is Seth Rogen.


An exaggerated close up

Starlight and MM stumble upon Herogasm, a sex party for supers. Love Sausage greets them at the door and their “member” gets too close for MM’s comfort.


Relations with an octopus

At the same party is The Deep, and while looking around the place, Starlight bumped into him in a private room. However, Deep was already involved in some adventures, as he was having sex with an octopus.

Remember that TheBoys is airing on Amazon Prime Video.

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