Covid-19 cases in the US have tripled in the last month

Covid-19 cases in the US have tripled in the last month

The seven-day average of hospitalizations rose 19% to about 3,000 a day and the average number of deaths was 275 a day, he said.

“Of course, we have to remember that every person lost to COVID-19 is a tragedy and nearly 300 deaths a day is still too many,” Walensky said.

PAHO warns that cases rise in America

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warned this Wednesday that cases of covid-19 in America have been increasing, mainly driven by the rise in infections in the United States.

Two subvariants of omicron drive the spike of covid-19 in South Africa, according to the WHO

Infections on the continent increased by 27.2% last week compared to the previous one, mainly driven by a peak in infections in the United States, where they rose 33%, to 605,000 infections, in the last week, indicated the United Nations. it’s a statement.

Hospitalizations have grown in 18 countries and ICU admissions in 13 countries and territories. Central America saw the largest percentage increase in cases, with an 80% increase in infections.

The agency’s director, Carissa Etienne, noted that many countries are abandoning protective measures against the virus, adding that governments must be prepared to increase these measures whenever there is an increase in cases or deaths.

“It is time to take stock of these figures and act. COVID is on the rise again in the Americas. The truth is that this virus is not going to go away any time soon,” Etienne said.

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