cosplayer shows us the big eyes of Aphrodite

cosplayer shows us the big eyes of Aphrodite

You already know that here we are fans of cosplay, that is why you will always see us bringing you the best content that we find on the networks, as is the case with this great cosplay of Aphrodite from Record of Ragnarok made by the beautiful pixie_cosplay_.

Undoubtedly, Record of Ragnarok continues to inspire cosplayers around the world, like the one from pixie_cosplay_who decided to make a cosplay from Aphroditethe goddess of beauty, giving her own twist to the character and her interpretation, as you can see in the photo below.

Record of Ragnarok: cosplayer shows us Aphrodite’s big eyes (@pixie_cosplay_)

pixie_cosplay_ did not just play and wear the suit Aphroditebut he made him charming thanks to his charisma, which gives him a very personal touch, and he has shown us those big eyes that the fandom of Record of Ragnarok.

The founding elements are all there, from the bands of the dress that fall delicately over the large breasts to the floral decorations of the thick blonde hair, but there is also a rare expressive force and an extremely personal way of wearing the dress, which gives it a great impact to photos.

In Record of Ragnarok, the gods want to eliminate all humans, because they consider them weak and disappointing. To stop them, the Valkyries will impose a rule that they themselves have established, forcing them to hold a tournament in which they will have to face the strongest of human heroes.