Card games have several designs that can seem striking, since they show us fictional characters that are usually made with careful details, attracting their players.

There are girls who give themselves a little more when it comes to carrying out their projects as cosplayers, who simply carry out an excellent job, paying attention to even the smallest details of it.

Again appears in this section, the charming cosplayer Fenix ​​Fatalis, who through his Instagram, shows us some of the projects in which he has been involved due to his work and collaboration in Fenindom Cosplay Agency, which is a major cosplay costume brand.

The already known Mariya karpenko, who we already placed in his popular account as fenixfatalist. The pretty girl of Ukrainian origin delights us with this installment.

Is about Ceres of the Night, known as the eternal bride in the card game Shadowverse, who we believe no one else could have given a better representation to.

The girl, using long red hair, with her unique horns as a hairstyle, wears a blue dress in a dark tone, full of delicate golden details and straps that simulate compression bands on the abdomen.

With long, wide sleeves, white stockings that reach up to the knees, gloves, a slim but pronounced neckline and black shoes, we consider her to be the spitting image of the charming girl.

She delighted us with extra material of this incredible outfit, as well as videos where she shows how she lives with other boys during a convention, and we consider it is one more sample that this girl is an expert in what she does.

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Expect more material from this cosplayer and her unrivaled style when posing for the camera, worthy of creating admiration for its excellent performance.