Once again, Facebook has come under fire for the treatment received by its content moderators. In fact, it was these same who decided to send an open letter to the main executives of the company to demand better working conditions again.

In writing, content moderators focus on three basic points. On the one hand, they ask end “the culture of fear and secrecy” imposed by the social network. Specifically, they request that Facebook not force them to sign extremely restrictive confidentiality agreements.

In principle, such Facebook documents are intended to prevent the disclosure of user data or sensitive information. However, workers later find that They are even forbidden to tell their relatives what they do. “No confidentiality agreement can legally prevent us from talking about our working conditions,” they challenged.

The second point that content moderators claim is to receive adequate support to protect your mental health. Employees have called Facebook’s current efforts on the matter “woefully inappropriate.” That’s why they ask access to regular and sustained professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

The content is psychologically harmful. Imagine watching hours of violent or child abuse content online as part of your daily work. You can’t get out unscathed. This job should not cost us our sanity.

Mental health, a key point in the claim of Facebook content moderators

Photo by Tim mossholder in Unsplash

It is not the first time that the demand for greater and better attention to mental health from content moderators has appeared on the scene. Facebook has already faced several lawsuits regarding this issue; has even had to compensate with millionaire sums to employees diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, caused by his hard work on the social network.

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“The content is terrible and it would affect anyone. No one can be okay if they watch graphic violence for 7 to 8 hours a day,” said Isabella Plunkett, a moderator who testified in front of a parliamentary committee in Ireland about poor working conditions. imposed by Facebook.

In the last point of the open letter sent to the directors, the content moderators require to be hired directly by the company. Currently, most of the employees who are dedicated to this task are outsourced through firms such as Accenture and Covalen.

In previous complaints, workers have mentioned the lack of coverage for absences in case of illness and that the payment they receive is less than that of those who belong to Facebook. “Second-class citizenship of outsourced moderators must end today. […] We should all receive the same salary, benefits and conditions of employment, “they asserted.

The open letter from the Facebook content moderators is addressed to the main visible faces of the company: Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. However, it is also directed at Anne Heraty and Julie Sweet, CEOs of Covalen and Accenture, respectively. We’ll see if the workers’ claim (one more) has a favorable resolution.