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Consult contract in all operators

Consult contract in all operators

Knowing which operator we have is something that we all have clear since we receive an invoice every month with the amount that we have to pay for the corresponding period. You may not know the operator if the bill is paid by your parents, your children, your siblings … But generally there will be no problem in this since it will be enough to look at the top of the phone what icon or name appears on the network and we will know which one we belong to. But something more complicated is knowing what exact rate we have contractedHow many megabytes correspond to us, how many minutes do we have to spend on the mobile phone or how much speed on landlines.

In Movistar

If you are a Movistar customer we can access the áTelefónica’s private customer area both from the phone and from the app to know what our Fusion rate includes, how many megabytes we have contracted or how many minutes in the rate.

We can access the Movistar customer area with our data and at the top of it we can go to the “My products” section. Here we will see the rates that we have contracted and we can see the products. On the right side of the screen you will see “Your plan” and the details. At a glance we can see the hiring date, the tenure and the next billing date. But we can also touch on “See detail” to consult everything about the contracted rate.

We can also not only see what rate we have contracted but the permanence it has, the different contracts that we have in force or the television services.

In Orange

If you are an Orange customer, you can check what rate you have contracted both from the website and from the operator’s application as long as you have previously created an account. To obtain a password we will customer area.orange.es and we played on “Get / Change password”. Here we have to fill in our mobile phone, NIF, CIF or NIE and follow the steps to have a password that allows us to access and consult everything related to what we have contracted.


Once you have access, you can access from the browser or from the app as you want. In both ways we will find the information about the rate.

From the Mi Orange app we must go to the first screen, select the line that interests us and go to the section “Me Line”, Which you will see in the center of the application screen. Here, at the top, you will see a summary: You can also open all the details by clicking on its name or on a green arrow next to it. Here you will see all the detailed characteristics of what you have contracted: national minutes, calls, gigs, destinations included, SMS …


Also from the website we can see it no need to download the app. You simply need to log into your account and you will see the rate or rate that you have contracted according to the lines you have. You can expand the information in the icon of the “i” next to it where you will see everything that it includes or you can add.

Orange rate

On Vodafone

You can also see what rate you have if you are from Vodafone, both in the application and on the website at no cost. You can check what rate you have on each of the contracted lines or additional lines if they are all with the same owner.

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To do this, we go to Vodafone.es and touch in the upper right corner to access “my Vodafone” where you will have to fill in operator data. You have to fill in your Vodafone username and password. If you do not have an account, go to the button “Sign up”Where you will have to enter your NIF and you will receive a password.

When we are already registered, we can access the customer area to see all the details related to our rate. Both on the web and in the app. We have to go to the left part of it and choose the option or tab “Contracts and permanence”. From here go to “My contracts and documents”. Here you will see, organized by dates, the different contracts that you have and that you have signed.


You will be able to see the contracted rate, although Vodafone explains from its website that it will not appear available if it is before 2017. If you signed before that date, you can call 22123, the toll-free number for customers, and check all the details.

Also in the application we can do it if you have downloaded My Vodafone. We simply have to go to the app menu and tap on “My products”. Here, you can choose the option “Products and services”And you will see all the lines of your account and the rate that you have contracted. You will see the amount of data it includes, calls and SMS. And you can tap on “Your rate details” to read the fine print.


At Jazztel

If you are a Jazztel customer, we can also go to the operator’s application and check all the details of your rate or what you have contracted. We can know the contracted rate as well as the characteristics of the devices you have in case you have a borrowed router or set-top box of TV.

We simply go to the Jazztel website and on the main page you will see the section “Products”. Here you will have all the mobile lines that you have contracted as well as other services such as landline, fiber Internet or ADSL and television if you have it. You simply must touch on the line you want to see more details.

Jazztel rates

We can also consult it in the Jazztel application. You log in with your data in the customer area and open the side menu. In this menu, choose the section “My products” where we can see a menu with all the lines that we have contracted for mobile phones but also the fixed line products. You will see a quick summary of each one with the gigs or minutes that each one includes. We can go tapping on each of them to see the details with more precision.

Jazztel mobile

In Euskatel

If you have hired Euskatel, the customer area also allows us to access for free to see all the details of our latest invoices and contracts.

From the app or from the browser we access the Euskatel website and we will see four sections at the top: My Euskaltel, WiFi, Invoices, My Profile. We have to touch on the first option to see what we have contracted. Here our plan will appear and we can touch on “More info”For full details.