Console shortages: What are Sony and Microsoft saying about their respective new consoles and what is missing from the market?

Console shortages: What are Sony and Microsoft saying about their respective new consoles and what is missing from the market?

Both Sony and Microsoft spoke about the shortage of their new consoles. We tell you what each company said In this note!

The makers of the next generation consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X / S, they are not getting enough components to supply the demand and both Sony What Microsoft They came out to talk about this problem.

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Sony is seeking to supply the shortage of components (semiconductors) suffered by the production of the Playstation 5 By increasing manufacturing and bringing the old model back to life, the PlayStation 4. It should be clarified that the PS4, except for the loading speeds and resolution issues, today can run almost all the games released and work perfectly with Free to Play games, since video game creators do not want to lose that massive I public that still uses PS4.

On the other hand, Microsoft ensures that the lack of the semiconductors does not affect the Xbox X / S. And the company even reported that they are difficult to find locally because they are a best seller.

Sony Microsoft

In the words of Phil Spencer, division director Xbox, “It is the demand that is exceeding the supply for all of us“. It is interesting to see the two strategies that each company raises to solve market demand problems.

Sony he had to adjust the calculations of how many units they would be able to produce. Initially, for March of this year Sony planned to produce 16 million units of the PlayStation 5. However, he had to adjust the numbers to 14.8 millions due to the lack of components and the complications generated by the pandemic.

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Despite these complications, Playstation 5 It is the model that sold the fastest 10 million units worldwide for July 2020. But this does not mean that Sony has solved the problems of market demand as it continues to outpace the supply of available equipment. The solution of Sony It was to produce more units of the previous model to reactivate the console and at the same time take advantage of the advantages that producing it has. It is a cheap and easy-to-make console that this year will keep the sale of PlayStation.

Sony Microsoft

As to Microsoft, the company does not deny that there are problems due to the lack of chips, one of the main challenges that the video game sector is facing due to the pandemic. But nevertheless, Microsoft took another approach and decided to stock up on the necessary components and at the same time reach out directly to users, avoiding speculation generated by resellers.

Be team PlayStation or team Xbox, the lack of these consoles is a problem that will surely have its solution once the world slowly returns to normal. The gaming industry is one of many that was affected due to the pandemic, which did not allow many components necessary to create consoles and PCs could occur. But we are slowly returning to normality, so it is likely that in a few months or a year production will return to normal.