Console for NFT games but criticized for looking like a scam

Console for NFT games but criticized for looking like a scam

Despite the bad reception they have from players, companies that seek to enter the NFT gaming market continue to emerge and the most recent is Polium, which has just announced the first console focused on “Web 3 gaming”, the Polium One.

The Polium One would be the world’s first “multi-chain” console, as it would be capable of running games built on different blockchains. Although no technical specifications were given, Polium says that “the console will be powerful enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for traditional gamers who don’t understand Web 3.”

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The Polium One console would hit the market during the third quarter of 2024, but its presale would only be available to those who buy a “Polium Pass”, which is an NFT on the Ethereum network, of which only 1,000 will be made. In addition, it was announced that the control will have a fingerprint scanner and a “wallet” button, with which they will be able to manage their cryptocurrencies.

The company claims that the Polium console will be capable of running at 120 frames per second, 8K HDR resolution and ray tracing, but they say only four people are working on the project. The project has not been well received by the players, because to begin with they are pointing out the similarity between the Podium logo with that of the Nintendo GameCube, to which the company released a statement clarifying that its design is not a robbery but that they were going to change in the future.

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Also, on the newly created Discord server there is a section dedicated to “fraud alerts”, where users can report potential scams, to which several responded by saying “this whole project”. In the feedback channel other players asked Polium to give up.

As for the games, at the moment there are none confirmed for the Polium One but the company promises that “there will be games on the console, and we will make an announcement soon”, as they say they are currently talking to game developers.