After the end of the first season of the Loki series, the return of the god of deception is discussed for another Marvel Studios production.

Loki came to an end, but when many thought the story would end, Disney + Y Marvel studios they gave the surprise. The producers confirmed one more season of the show. Beloved characters and a very deep story will have one more opportunity to continue convincing the public and the critics. However, who knows how long it will take for one more part of this production to take place again.

However, the character played by Tom Hiddleston, who was the main protagonist of everything, will not make his great return only in the continuation of his program. On the contrary, it takes less time than previously thought for the god of deception to appear again.

As reported by the specialized media The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will repeat in that role in the sequel to Doctor Strange, which is titled In the multiverse of madness. The announcement does not make much surprise, but it does make a lot of sense, since the openness and existence of a multiverse was the central theme of the last part of the Loki series.

Surely Kang will have something to do with the participation of Laufeyson in the next feature film of the Supreme Sorcerer. However, his appearance could be relevant and it would not be as a villain, but as an ally to preserve reality.

In this way, this would be the second cameo of a protagonist of the series of Disney + confirmed for that tape. The foregoing is stated as it adds to the premise that Wanda it will also be part of the project. It should be noted that the Scarlet Witch Yes, she will be a great protagonist and that the connection between her series and the film is more than clear.

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Doctor Strange 2: Into the Multiverse of Madness It will premiere on March 25, 2022.

Fountain: The Hollywood Reporter