Confirmed reference to Doctor Doom in Doctor Strange 2

Confirmed reference to Doctor Doom in Doctor Strange 2

This week we saw the arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at the Disney + service, just under two months after its premiere in theaters. For this reason we have seen interviews with those involved in the film, and in one of them a producer confirmed a reference to Victor von Doombetter known as the Doctor Doomvillain of the Fantastic Four.

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we could see John Krasinski as Reed Richards, making the dream of many fans come true thanks to Kevin Feige. When we see Richards arrive in the film he does so through a portal, and a producer on the film has already confirmed that it is Doctor Doom’s time platform.

The detail of the teleportation device that [Reed Richards] uses to enter the scene is something that we took from the comics, it is the platform of the time of Doctor Doom”.

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In the Marvel comics, the time platform or Time Platform is an invention of Victor von Doom, who uses it to travel to the past and increase his knowledge in order to defeat the Fantastic 4. Although Doctor Doom was the inventor of this time machine, eventually the Fantastic Four and the Avengers also use it, although always to travel to the past.

Although we could see the Time Platform in Doctor Strange in the Mutliverse of Madness, it seems that they decided to change its function to become a teleportation machine, as we can see in the scene that introduces Reed Richards. There is also the possibility that this Reed Richards has come from the future, which means that there is another Reed Richards in the present, somewhere else.

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This information was revealed in an interview for TheDirect portal, where it was also revealed that Kevin Feige was the one who chose John Krasinski as Reed Richards to make some fans’ dreams come true. However, it is possible that Krasinski is not the main Reed Richards of the MCU, as Sam Raimi said that Kevin Feige chose him because it was an alternate universe.