The future of Netflix not only goes through series and movies. The company has known how to move with great ease in this field, completely changing the way we watch television in a few years. All this, with original content that has set a trend, and that strengthen a growing catalog.

Netflix on an iPad

In recent years, a multitude of competitors have begun to appear for the platform. Now, it is not just a matter of a couple of players, but each major has its own platform. And not only the majors, some technology companies such as Amazon or Apple have also joined the competition. And the streaming war has only just begun.

Now, the company led by Reed Hastings sets itself a new challenge: video games. After strong rumors about a possible entry into this entertainment sector, a few hours ago they made it official. All this, during a results presentation in which they also indicated what their first steps will be.

Play something on Netflix
The new Play Something feature from Netflix

Next year, Netflix will begin introducing video games in a new section of its catalog. All of it, under the same rate that already includes the series and movies catalog. At first, and similar to services such as Apple Arcade, they will initially offer mobile games, although they advance that the offer will evolve over time.

For the moment, we do not have more details about the kind of games that will arrive to the platform. Nor if these will be offered in streaming, if they will require downloads, or if they will offer a combination of both. In any case, it will be necessary to see how they manage to remain in the App Store, since Apple will not allow either case in its store.

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Thus, Netflix advances what will be your next level. And if they achieve a success similar to that already obtained in recent years, it promises a great future in the industry.

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