Concept art reveals the suit that Batman would wear in the tape of Ben Affleck

Concept art reveals the suit that Batman would wear in the tape of Ben Affleck

Keith Christensen shared on social networks the conceptual art he developed for the Batman suit that Ben Affleck would wear in the film that the filmmaker had also prepared.

Although The Batman is breaking box office records around the world, this title was destined for the production by Ben Affleck, which would be located after the events of Justice League, which had a new design for the Knight’s suit. Dark, based on concept art.

Conceptual artist Keith Christensen shared on his Instagram account two conceptual arts with the design of the suit that Ben Affleck would wear in this Batman movie that unfortunately did not see the light of day.

This suit marked its difference with the outfits that Affleck wore in Batman v Superman and Justice League, since this new mantle is inspired by the Arkham Asylum game series.

This suit also has some nods to the one worn by Christian Bale in the last two films of The Dark Knight trilogy, especially in the design of the neck, to give the Caped Crusader more mobility at the time of action.

This was Ben Affleck’s Batman movie

Warner Bros. Pictures

Robert Richardson, who was the director of photography for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and who would occupy the same position in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, revealed the plot details that the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2012 had written for argus.

I wanted to shoot Batman with Ben (Affleck) because that was the next movie we had. There was a script, but not one that he liked… he worked hard to change it… He was getting into the more crazy aspects… He was getting more into Arkham (Asylum), he was getting into where everyone was bad”.

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Concept art reveals the suit that Batman would wear in the tape of Ben Affleck
Warner Bros. Pictures

Following the revelation of Batman’s secret identity, Deathstroke would set in motion a plan to take down Batman, but not just Gotham’s hero.

Wilson would detail a series of actions that would lead to the ruin of Bruce Wayne, who would be a victim of the contempt of society, which will drive him to the brink of madness.

In addition to this, Deathstroke would execute a series of murders of people close to Bruce Wayne, which would force Batman to go to Arkham Asylum to be able to test his sanity with the tenants of the infamous asylum.

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An impostor has taken the place of Batman in SMASH and DC Comics

Bruce Wayne’s mission as Batman has only been in action for a year or less, but he knows he’s making a difference. Unfortunately, he has also made some powerful enemies.

All of Gotham’s influential people resent the disturbance Batman has brought to the city…and it seems that one of them has a plan to neutralize him. A second Batman stalks rooftops and alleyways, and he has no problem murdering criminals, live and direct.

Batman: The Impostor
DC Comics

Director Mattson Tomlin teams with Eisner Award-winning artist Andrea Sorrentino to create Batman: The Impostor, a new version of Gotham City, founded in a grim reality.

Every hit leaves bones broken and every action has consequences beyond Batman’s imagination!

Batman: The Impostor, sale, SMASH online

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