Its Rappi and Domino’s community managers join forces to help a social media user looking for help decorating their home.

Social networks are an indispensable tool today to effectively position brands the consumer perception in the digital world, being a good communication and marketing tool that, in addition to allowing us to offer our products, services and being a good advertising channel, also present the values ​​of our brand.

Taking into account that according to the Digital 2021 study it mentions that today 53 percent of the world population now already has social networks (which spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes a day), those that are the In charge of running these platforms in the brands, they must have a high level of professionalism that allows them to know how to interact efficiently in these spaces, to avoid possible brand crises and even improve the image of the brand.

Are the community managers those in charge of carrying out these tasks, where they seek to build and administer an online community, in addition to managing and promoting the image of the brands, as well as their attitudes or values ​​that identify it. To achieve these goals efficiently, sometimes they must choose to carry out different strategies that improve the image of their brands through creative solutions, which allow us to see from time to time.

A user on social networks has made a publication where he mentions that whoever helps him decorate his house will invite him some carajillos and pizza, a situation where the community manager by Rappi México It has not gone unnoticed and has chosen to take action by wanting to sponsor some “drinks” to the user and invites Domino’s to support him with pizza, making him accept and become a joint strategy on the part of both community managers.

Despite the good intentions on the part of the Domino’s and Rappi community managersIt seems that at the moment they still do not receive a response from the user, however, the good intention of the professionals manages to improve the image of the followers of both brands.

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This type of strategy where two or more brands interact on social networks results in an effective strategy, with minimal efforts made by the community managers.

Previously others community managers (in addition to Domino’s and Rappi), they have demonstrated the effectiveness of the interaction between brands for users on social networks, achieving a considerable number of shared reactions, as was the case where Netflix made a post about The Squid Game and PlayStation he sought promotion, but he compared him to Xbox; Although this strategy did not work out well for PlayStation, all three brands benefited, as the publication was shared by thousands of users.

The one who brands interact with each other on social networks manages to attract the attention of users, since they generally tend to create their own content, however, this type of strategies where they come together can help the image of both brands, in addition to dividing costs as on this occasion they seek to support the man to decorate his home.

Despite this, brands must be careful with the words they use so that the contents are not misinterpreted and gain criticism, as it was a few days ago with the Volaris community manager.

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