Colo-Colo wins the Chilean Super Cup after defeating Católica 0-2

Colo-Colo wins the Chilean Super Cup after defeating Católica 0-2

01/24/2022 at 03:10


Colo-Colo was crowned this Sunday champion of the Chilean Super Cup by beating Universidad Católica 0-2 with goals from Leonardo Gil and Carlo Villanueva, in the first title played this year before the start of the 2022 National Championship.

After a first half marked by disorder in the stands, the opening of the scoreboard came at minute 62 of the commitment after an error in the exit of the crossed goalkeeper Sebastián “Carrot” Pérez, mistake taken advantage of without problems by midfielder Leonardo Gil who only had to push the ball into the net to put the white team ahead.

Already in the discounts, the young 22-year-old midfielder Carlo Villanueva connected with great technique a cross from Gabriel nailing the ball in the corner, leaving Pérez without an option and sealing the final result of the match.

Result consistent with what was shown by both casts throughout the more than 90 minutes of football, with the pupils of Gustavo Quinteros as clear dominators of the field in the most tickets in the game.

After the initial whistle, The two teams came out with everything to put pressure on the rival, but Católica did not have the necessary depth to do damage and ended up giving up the pace on the court.

Unfortunately, the center was not in sports for the first 45 minutes, but in the acts of violence recorded in the stands of the Ester Roa Stadium in Concepción.

After the first half hour of the match, all the players were forced to leave the field due to serious disorders and confrontations carried out by the bars that attended the meeting.

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For 15 minutes the events were not suppressed by police action and elements of the stadium were destroyed, in addition to registering attacks among the fans involved.

“What a silly thing that is happening in the stadium (aggressions in the stands). They call themselves fans (it doesn’t matter what team they are) and with their behavior they deprive everyone of the spectacle of football. They do not care that there are children or families. We cannot naturalize this. Not well”, the country’s president-elect, Gabriel Boric, posted on his social networks.

The commitment was resumed from 34 minutes and the football tone was the same as in its first moments: the crusaders had a hard time imposing their style of play and did not register shots on goal, while the whites dominated in possession and twice clearly reached the goal of Sebastián “Carrot” Pérez before the break.